The piano is the most bewitching and extraordinary musical instrument. From the first seconds sounds penetrate into the very depths of our soul and, having reached its secluded corners, remain there forever. It is enough to hear only one melody and you will never remain indifferent. It is impossible to describe all the magnificence, beauty, and variety of the sound palette of this instrument. You can only hear it.. Learning to play the piano at Accordando Studios includes innovative methods and original techniques. It is important for us to educate not only reading skills from the sheet, sound production, playing techniques, etc., but also unconditionally love of music, for the rich capabilities that evoke vivid impressions, give us feelings of beauty, fill our life with beautiful colors, and form an aesthetic education , worldview, contribute to a deep and lasting interest in musical art. Our teaching methodology will allow you to play simple musical pieces in different styles in a month. We will learn how to select melodies and accompaniments to them, to compose small musical illustrations, arrangements of well-known compositions, transposition. You can start learning keyboards (or continue) from any level and age.