Accordion for beginners
An accordion is an instrument with a huge range of possibilities, therefore, learning to play it, you get at your disposal a whole “mini-orchestra”, thanks to which you can play popular melodies, and classical and even jazz and rock compositions. If you decide to learn the accordion , please contact our music studio ” Accordando “. We know exactly how to learn to play the accordion and offer accordion lessons for beginners of any age.
How do we learn to play the accordion at the “Accordando”?
Depending on what exactly you want to learn, we will select the optimal training program for
you. You can learn just one piece or learn how to play the accordion at a professional level –
it all depends on your desire!
At our school, we created a unique atmosphere of informal and creative communication, in which the lessons of the accordion for beginners are not only distinguished by their content, but also are exciting. Attend a free trial lesson and make sure that mastering an accordion for beginners with “Accordando” studio is simple, interesting and effective